CPR123 Queens

CPR123 Queens*
120-34 Queens Blvd., Suite 210
Kew Gardens, NY
11415 USA







Google Search:

Unfortunately, if you enter our full address into Google map search, the search will bring you to a different location.  To get an idea of where this office is, please enter Kew Gardens Dialysis Center, Queens Boulevard, New York, NY blvd into your google map search.  The actual office is right next to a McDonald’s which is a couple of store front away from the Kew Gardens Dialysis Center.


Street parking is difficult in Kew Gardens, but there are many garages and a large municipal parking lot behind the Queens Borough Hall.  The address to the municipal parking lot is 80-25 126th Street, Kew Gardens, block bounded by 126th and 132nd Streets, 82nd Avenue and Union Turnpike.  For more information on this municipal parking lot, please go to the following site: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/motorist/parkinglist.shtml#richmond

Traffic Conditions:

Queens Boulevard is very busy and has constant heavy traffic by car.  We recommend you to take public transport if you can because it will be much more convenient.  If you are driving to this location especially on the weekdays, please plan to give yourself at least 30 minutes prior to class for parking.

Public Transport:

If you are traveling by subway, you can take the E or F train to Kew Gardens, Union Turnpike.  Please exit at the 80th Road (Union Turnpike) exit because that is the closest to our office.  If you are traveling by bus, please click here for more directions.


The office is on the opposite side of the Queens Borough Hall and the Court Houses on Queens Boulevard; our office is right next to a McDonalds and is a few store fronts away from the Kew Gardens Dialysis Center (The Red “A” point is the Kew Gardens Dialysis Center).

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