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5 Simple Steps to Correctly Perform CPR

5 Simple Steps to Correctly Perform CPR


5 Simple Steps to Correctly Perform CPR


If you’ve been regularly reading our blogs, you would know how important for a person is to learn to perform CPR. Unfortunately, many people who are busy in their jobs don’t have enough time to learn CPR techniques. Hence, here in this article, we have elaborated the simplest technique of CPR that anyone can learn. Read it, learn it, perform it, and save valuable human lives.

1. Kneel beside the person who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and lift the chin so that the head can tilt backward. This tilting of the head opens the airway so that you can give rescue breaths to the patient.

2. If the person isn’t breathing then you should pinch his nose shut and form a seal over the patient’s mouth using your mouth. Note that if this CPR is performed on an infant then you do not have to shut his nose, rather you should form a seal with your mouth over his mouth and nose.

3. Now blow air into the patient’s mouth for one second so that his chest visibly rises. Note that you should not blow too much air otherwise the air sacks in the lungs of the patient would be damaged.

4. Now the real heroic action begins, you have to create an artificial heartbeat so that the heart keeps pumping the blood to the various organs of the body. The whole aim of performing CPR is to maintain blood circulation to the brain. This is because, brain, which is the most important organ, starts getting damaged four minutes after the blood circulation stops. So place your both hands on the chest and pump it 30 times, 2 inches deep.

5. Now repeat the last two steps until the paramedic team arrives.

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