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CPR123: The Preferred Training Centre For Nursing Students

CPR123 is the preferred training centre for all nursing college students in New York and Texas, providing CPR Certification, IV certification, AED certification and ACLS certification.


Learning CPR and acquiring other basic medical certifications is necessary. Your knowledge not only comes handy when a person close to you is in a critical situation, but it also makes you a better person. It makes you a better person because you know that you will be able to help a stranger in any kind of medical emergency, especially during cardiac arrest. You will need to find an apt institute where you will be given proper training for CPR, PALS, AED and IV Therapy; the training that will also give you a valid certificate to practice as a nurse in any medical centre.

You can take these courses even online but again beware of fraud agencies. They will take your money, give you some theories and even provide you with a certificate, but that certificate will not be valid at any medical centre of New York. There is one institute present in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens and Texas, upon which you can place your full trust: CPR123 Inc. CPR123 Inc. provides all the facilities that you can imagine.

Classrooms- You will find that all the classrooms of CPR123 have state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment. The tutors teach you on touch screen boards to ensure that you study in a mix of latest technology and best knowledge.

Teachers- The entire faculty base of CPR123 Inc. Medical Institute comes from an extremely elite background. All the teachers have an experience of more than 20 years on the job as well as teaching. All these teachers know how, when, and what to teach you, so that you can grasp everything in detail.

Mannequins- You can never complete your CPR certification course without learning the practical application of CPR. There are two steps that will complete the CPR certification process; mouth-to-mouth and hands on. AHA however, has issued guidelines recently that only hands-on is sufficient to know CPR. Mouth-to-mouth comes in handy when you have to save a child’s life. To learn the exact technique of hands-on, only theoretical knowledge is not enough. You will need to practice on mannequins to get the actual feel of the situation. CPR 123 Inc. will provide you with mannequins that you can use for practice.

Course structure- CPR 123 Inc. provides an array of courses like CPR Certification, IV certification, AED certification and ACLS certification. When you completed the basic of all these courses, CPR123 will give you an option to move to the next level of learning. The next level is known as skill test level. This is basically a simulation level where you will be given five scenarios and you will have to decide a medical course of action for all the five situations. You will even be graded for this test and will receive a certification card for the same. This course structure will ensure that you learn every concept thoroughly and are ready to apply them whenever necessary. If you have not used your knowledge for two years and want to take a recap classes, CPR 123 will provide you recap classes without charging any money, within two years of taking actual classes.

Jobs creation- CPR123 Inc. helps to provide you with jobs in two ways. One, if you are a certified trainer/instructor for any particular medical process like CPR, AED, ACLS, PALS, Phlebotomy and EKG, then you can get a job at CPR123, if there is a vacancy. Please note that you will need to be certified by AHA to be considered. Second, there are courses provided by CPR123 that can make a nurses’ resume shine and stand out. If you belong to this category, then you can apply for better medical jobs at better places on the basis of certificated provided by CPR123 Inc. CPR123 Inc. is a certified by AHA so you can assume that all your certificates will be valid at any medical centre in America.

Affordable prices- You can learn all the basic medical procedures like BLS, ACLS, PALS, IV Therapy Certification and ECG & Pharmacology, online, and just as example BLS may cost up to $70 with hands-on equipment. Apart from the group courses, you can also go for higher-level specific courses, depending upon your educational qualification and future prospects. There is no way that you can get such lucrative and genuine offers, at any other place. CPR123 Inc. promises that it will issue your certificate within 1 day of completing your course. This is the kind of commitment that you can expect out of CPR123 Inc.

Discounts- Apart from the basic low cost course fees, if you enroll in a group, then you avail very lucrative group discounts. You can avail discount starting from 5% till 25%, depending upon your group size.

Real facts- All of these theories can be substantiated with real, hard facts. CPR123 Inc. has certified over 100,000 students within America, and will continue to certify thousands more. CPR123 Inc. is affiliated with more than 15 universities and educational institutes. These institutes have shown trust on the medical courses provided by CPR123 Inc. and have been sending their students regularly at CPR123 Inc. for taking medical courses.

Social responsibility- Any organization that is giving back something to society without its own hidden benefits is the one that truly deserves to be called as socially responsible organization. CPR123 Inc. has a flagship called as CPR Foundation that works for the benefit of society. CPR123 Inc. donates $1, on every student registration, to the CPR Foundation. This foundation provides medical training to all those people who are not as capable of taking medical lessons by themselves.


On the basis of all the points mentioned above, you can say that CPR 123 is one of the best options available for any nursing college student. You can expect a professional medium of learning, and you can be sure of the fact that you will be imparted updated knowledge of medical procedures.


We offer both onsite and offsite training, so if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you.

Take 5% off by enrolling today — the more friends you bring with you, the bigger the discount!

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