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ECG & Pharmacology

Course Certification

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Students will learn heart anatomy, basic electrophysiology, normal ECG measurements, basic arrhythmias and basic ACLS drugs and usage. The classroom-based, facilitator-led course is designed to improve electrocardiogram (ECG) recognition skills. This course is especially useful for students who plan on taking the ACLS course but are not proficient in ECG recognition. This course also covers pharmacology within the ACLS algorithms.

The ECG & Pharmacology course covers:

  • Basic electrophysiology
  • Normal ECG measurements
  • Basic arrhythmias
  • Administration of appropriate drugs within the ACLS algorithms


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Yelp Reviews Cpr123
Jenni M.
Dumont, NJ
Yelp Reviews Cpr123

I always get anxious and worried whenever there are post tests and skills demonstration in every lecture. Who doesn’t want to get high scores, right? I took ECG & Pharmacology, PALS and ACLS in this training center (Midtown). With all those three classes, I had the best instructor ever Nemo! Rhythm interpretations, different algorithms, appropriate medications and interventions given to stable & unstable patients. Clear explanation of why certain drugs are indicated for this type of rhythm, the proper use of synchronized cardioversion & TCP and we get to role play in situations of Cardiac arrest. And most of all he makes the class alive by putting a little pinch of humor, to keep are bloods pumping and like he always said, keep the class stress free.

Classes are affordable and it’s worth every dollar. I highly recommend this training center.